Kelowna Horse Massage

“There is no tissue that is not body and no response that is not mind…”
From the book “Jobs Body” by D. Juhan

Through research and development of feed, training, breeding, exercise, and the latest technological veterinary care, we are able to create the highest quality of life for our horses.

In today’s competitive show arena, horses and humans are required to perform at levels that can take their bodies and emotions to unimagined peaks. The ability to create and then maintain the horse / human relationship, as a cohesive unit, requires broadminded forward thinking.  Managing stress for both parties is imperative. One of the goals of Equine bodywork, is to assist the horse in overcoming barriers that impede performance.  A dictionary definition of “Performance” being  “the action or process of carrying out or accomplishing an action, task, or function. “

Bodywork helps relieve muscle stress and soreness, which can contribute to postural dysfunction. It helps stimulate circulation, which the body requires in all aspects of Internal health – digestive, respiratory, lymphatic drainage and the nervous system. The External benefits are immediately apparent.  Relaxation from non-invasive touch, ease of muscle tension, improved flexibility, healthy coat – by stimulation of the hair and skin, relief from boredom, and as a monitoring agent for general health.

If you are caring for a horse in rehabilitation you may want to consider Equine Bodywork as a means of assisting mother nature, your DVM and your horse! Equine bodywork is considered a complimentary treatment and is not designed in any way to replace veterinary care.  A consultation with your vet is recommended in case of contraindication.

A lifetime of horse activity and a desire to educate and improve her role with horses, has lead Lynette to her current pursuits in Equine Bodywork. The completion of dual certification, at the NWSAM, in Equine Massage Therapy as well as through on going studies in Cranio Sacral therapy, Acupressure for Equines and dietary studies, Lynette is applying new skills in order to improve her horses performance and better balance their lives – physically, mentally and nutritionally.


Within the greater Kelowna area  (Reids Corner to Bridge to Black Mountain)
Hourly Rate  $55.  – Starts from departure farm
(GST inc.)

Outside the Greater Kelowna area?  Please Call, Text or Email for Rates


  • Health intake
  • Assessment of horse
  • Personal Client Record  (includes findings with recommendations-optional)
  • Massage
  • Stress point and / or Trigger point  therapy
  • MFR (Myofascial release)
  • Spasm release
  • Stretching
  • Instructions on stretching or massage strokes for owner application as required
  • Manual Ligament Therapy

Payment may be made by cash, cheque or email transfer f